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26 June 2013 @ 08:22 pm
[Yara J-web] Nirai Kanai's wind #63 06/19 and #64 06/26  

[#62] 2013/06/19 - Part 62

Thanks to yararanger for helping me with the English for this one ♥

The hot days are continuing, so is everyone keeping well?
Be extra careful to drink enough.

It feels good to take cold showers, too XD
We also play with cold water during our breaks during rehearsals XD
Playing with water = a game in which we spray someone with high-pressure water from a hose!
First off, I hold the hosepipe and hide in a less-visible place, such as the shadow behind a tree, and my accomplices Kosshi and Fukuchan tell someone, "There's something interesting over here". When they bring him there, I spray him with water. It's a game that's pretty elementary school level XD
Matsuzaki, Kaito, Aran, Ryota and Eda all fell prey to me!
By the way, even Travis-san is working hard as my accomplice XD

We do these kinds of silly things, but when it's time to focus, we sharply snap back into focus again!!
That's what Team Playzone is like. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ Yoroshiku...

The other day, we had the first full run-through with the entire cast. As I thought, everyone's feelings have intensified from last year, so it was a lot of fun. I also get a lot of motivation from my juniors. There are still many elements we need to improve, but we'll make a show loaded with energy~ Look forward to it!

Changing topic.

On my last day off, I went fishing again with Grand Master Goto Hiromi XD Furthermore, it was my first time fishing from a boat!
It was just Tokyo Bay, but, ahhh, uwaaaa.
You can totally catch fish there! We couldn't stop.
Goto and I caught 15-16 fish between us. More than half of them were caught by Master Hiromi. Moooouuuuuuuu, it was too much fun.
We spent 4 hours on the boat, then came back and fished some more from the shore. So in total, we were fishing for about 12 hours. σ(^_^;)

How's this for size!!

It's a little shy of 70cm. It's quite big, isn't it ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

sea bass = suzuki in Japanese
Of course, we didn't eat it after catching it, but released it back into the sea while it was still healthy.

I thought fishing was relaxing...
but it's actually quite an active sport!

My suntan also looks good.

Seeee you.



[#63] 2013/06/26 - Part 63

I am full of energy but I'm tired XD
Which one of the two!
Right now I'm on my sofa writing this entry while I fight sleepiness, so excuse me if it'll become a mysterious entry XD

Back to topic...
For some reason I can't get rid of my tiredness. Maybe it's because of our run-through rehearsals everyday.
It was like this yesterday and the day before yesterday, too... Every year, I feel overwhelmed during this period~. There are still songs I don't know how to express... and there are still bits that I wonder how to do.

Maybe I think too much D:
And maybe there will be things I'll only understand when we're at the theatre. I think it's nothing to worry about, yet I worry about it...
So stupid. Being too serious is such a bother...
But there are also things I've learned thanks to it. I'm choreographing for this year's Playzone so I've learned a bit about how to charm the audience and how to express things through dancing. Even inside of me~
I'd like if one or two things changed from last year. In a good way.
Anyway, in a while we'll move to the theatre. I can't wait.

Summer has cooooooooooome!
It's what it makes me think XD when I'm at Aoyama theatre ^^;
Every year, I am really happy when I stand on the Aoyama theatre stage.
It's thanks to all of you.
Thank you (^_^)v
Let's have a hot summer this year, too.
I'll go all out~
♪ Da da dada daaance♪
This was from SHOCK, wasn't it (;^_^A

My mother sent me a picture of Ichigo and it's too cute so I posted it XD



Please credit if reposting! ♥
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kimidori: Yaracchi-smilekimidori_san on June 26th, 2013 03:18 pm (UTC)
Yara, the great senpai. xDD

"Grand Master Goto Hiromi" ugh I love these two.

I really can't wait for Playzone. :3

Being too serious is such a bother

Thank you so much for translating!! :3
Celestial クラゲ Pippa: *Chu♡rayararanger on June 26th, 2013 03:41 pm (UTC)
I hate to say this, but I don't really like Ichigo XD or Anzu either, for that matter, though I like Anzu more than Ichigo. I can't stand when his mother dresses them up XD;; but you already know my feelings on that topic u__u

Thank you for today's, too ♥♥♥
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